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Celebration of Life : Anthony (Tony) Grace 7.10.1947 - 11.10.2022

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

This coming Monday 31st October the Grace family will celebrate the life of Tony with a funeral at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery ( see details below ).

A large crowd is expected to attend to convey respect to Anthony "Tony" Grace and with a sizeable interest from our cricket community already we have decided to hold an open event back at "Tony's Club".

For those wishing to reflect on his great career and the big part he has played in our lives and that of the Camberwell CC, Camberwell Magpies, ECA, Scorers community and Victorian Cricket you are welcome to come along and reflect and rejoice in the great service he has given to cricket and community.

We will be opening up at 12.30 after returning from the service and hope as many people as possible will drop in and show your respect

Note: He didn't love a Twenty20 so let's make it a long innings 💙

It is with deep regret and a very sad day that we convey the passing of a Camberwell great Anthony "Tony" Grace at the Cabrini Hospital Tuesday night following a short illness.

Tony was a legendary volunteer at Camberwell Sports Ground ( McQueen Park ) during his 50 plus years of service starting with the old Camberwell Cricket Club around 1970, during this time holding a number of positions on the General Committee, as well as Secretary, Junior Manager, Scorer, and Net Captain.

Tony also served on the Eastern Cricket Association Board during this time, managing one of the

Junior sections which is now named in this honour.

Following the merger with Collingwood Cricket Club in 1996 Tony continued his roles on the General Committee of the new Club, as Secretary, Net Captain and 2nd X1 Scorer, subsequently taking over the 1st X1 position from Phil Monohan. The Club held a 50-year Dinner for Tony in 2019 in recognition of his service.

It is worthy of note that Tony had scored 394 1st XI matches and was very much looking forward to his 400th game – a real pity he couldn’t achieve that milestone.

Tony was absolutely fastidious in his record keeping, upgrading every Player’s performance in all

grades after every match so that the Club didn’t miss a milestone game throughout a Player’s career. He was a fantastic statistician, someone that every club wants but doesn’t have. Players adored him for being able to advise on games played, runs scored and wickets taken across their careers.

It is so sad to lose a volunteer who gave so much with only the rewards of being an integral part of a large Club and for the mateship with so many people over so many years. He was a life member of the Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club and the Cricket Victoria 200 Club.

We will miss you greatly Tony and especially the clarion call that went out across the oval at

Camberwell during net training every 12 minutes - LAST THREE !!

Peter Warner OAM


Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club

Note: We will update the information when funeral arrangements are available.

Our thoughts go out to his family including siblings Liz, Miora, Terry & Peter.

Ron Redding has also pended a tribute and extended information on Tony's cricketing life.

Former Camberwell Cricket Club identity, Tony Grace passed away at Cabrini Hospital, Malvern on Tuesday, 11 October, 2022 aged 75, following a short illness. (See picture attached). A Service to celebrate the life of Tony Grace will be held at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Renowned Chapel, 600 Princes Highway, Springvale on Monday 31 October at 10-30 am. Tony was involved in administration with the Camberwell CC and Camberwell Magpies CC between (1970-2022) as a legendary volunteer. He began as scorer for CCC First and Second XI's and completed 313 games - 181 Firsts and 132 Seconds - as well as a few more games in Thirds, Fourths, Fifths and Juniors in (VSDCA) and (ESCA) competitions / while for CMCC First and Second XI's completed 411 games - 394 Firsts and 17 Seconds - as well as a few more games in Thirds, Fourths, Superslam and T/20 in Premier cricket competition (remembering many of these matches were played over two days) - quite an impressive record. CCC - (1970-96) - 'Gracie' was a CCC Secretary for 8 years, and on occasions served as Committee Member, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Vice-President, (Juniors, Operations, Publicity, Social and Fund-Raising sub-committees) and as (ESCA) Seniors delegate. He was mainly involved with Juniors on occasions as Juniors Chairman and Secretary, Committee Member, Teams Co-ordinator and Manager including R.M. Hatch Under 14 XI's (1977-89) and as (ESCA) Juniors delegate. He was winner of the Vernon Wilcox Trophy for outstanding service in 1977 and 1982, and awarded a Life-Membership in 1983. Tony went on both of Camberwell's overseas tours, to NZ in 1974-75 and the United Kingdom in 1989. He was presented with a CCC Past Players Trophy in acknowledgment of 50 years service during 2021. At (ESCA) - 'Gracie' was on occasions Juniors Association Secretary, Junior Grades Chairman and Secretary, served on their Board, while one of the Junior sections was named in his honour in 1992. Tony was awarded an (ESCA) Life-Membership in 1996. CMCC - (1996-2022) - He was a CMCC Secretary for a number of years, and had many similar involvements to those mentioned above, including Committee Member, and Net Captain. 'Gracie' was winner of the Vernon Wilcox Trophy for outstanding service in 2004 and 2016, and the President's Trophy in 2019. The Club held a 50 year Dinner for him in recognition of his service during 2019. At Cricket Victoria - He was a member of the CV 200 Club.
At (ECA) - Tony was (ESCA) Seniors Synthetic Grade Secretary following the merger of the (ESCA) and (ESCDCA) during 1998-99. Tony's uncle Rad Grace was a Camberwell CC player between (1943-70) and served as Club Treasurer (1948-58) and President (1966-74) while brother Terry Grace was a CCC Under 16 XI premiership player in 1963-64 and 1964-65 before becoming a senior player from (1965-77). In his prime years, 'Gracie' who lived in Camberwell, would commence each Saturday at the CCC Juniors game/s sometimes picking-up players on the way. Many of the junior players went on to play senior cricket with the Wells. After juniors, he would take on senior scoring duties at CSG or away games. Dirk Balthazaar recalls Tony driving him to matches, the scoring charts prepared, and the hard work he put in. Sometimes affectionately known as 'Father Grace,' he would often enjoy social involvement and an ale or three after the game. He was involved with many successful CCC Juniors sides, and scored for and managed the Camberwell First XI which won two (VSDCA) championships and two Group premierships between (1981-86). At season's end, 'Gracie' an AFL Hawthorn supporter, was usually responsible for putting together the Club Annual Report which involved recording office-bearers, trophy winners, reports on teams and various sub-committees, collecting and collating averages for all teams (senior and junior) plus the financial statement. This task would take some time, and as Secretary, Tony would then be required to organise the Annual Meeting (usually held between July and September). In recent years at CMCC, he had perfected a quality 'Powerpoint' presentation for the event. 'Gracie' was exceptionally talented at record keeping and statistics, ensuring individual players runs scored and wickets taken were up to date, and milestones were never overlooked. Career figures were available for every Camberwell/Camberwell Magpies player. How lucky were we at Camberwell/Camberwell Magpies CC's? We need to remember that Tony had an administrative job at Scotch College, Hawthorn (Monday to Friday) for much of his life. He chose to be a 'volunteer' for 52 years on weekends and wonder why he wanted to take on this exceptionally difficult role. The answers would be - he loved the game of cricket - enjoyed his involvement at Camberwell - the great mateship and many other cricketing friendships - was excellent at what he did - his communication, written and accounting skills were exceptionally good (no other person whether paid or a volunteer could fill this role as admirably as him) - and it was his passion - where he wanted to be - and what he wanted to do with his life. Peter Warner (OAM) and (CMCC President) summed things up well as follows - "We will miss you greatly Tony and especially the clarion call that went out across the oval at Camberwell during net training every 12 minutes - LAST THREE !!" We extend our deepest condolences to siblings Terry, Elizabeth, Peter and Moira, and the extended Grace family. Vale - Anthony Grace.
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