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Under 10s & 12s

Under 10s

Stage 1 Junior Format Cricket is designed for Under 9/10 children who have completed the Woolworths Cricket Blast program and are ready for their first taste of Junior Club competition. It is designed to stimulate action, test game sense and develop skills whether batting, bowling or fielding. Stage 1 is skills based and is not played for premiership points.

Time: Maximum two hours playing time.

Innings: Maximum 20 overs (120 balls) or 60 minutes batting time per team.

Players per team: Seven players per team; however, the game works equally well for up to nine players with fielding rotations. A game can commence with 5 players per team.



Stage 2 Junior Format Cricket – Under 12 Development – is designed for Under 12 players to further develop their skills when they are playing their formative years of junior cricket, with an emphasis on continuous and active participation, when all players bat, bowl and field in three hours. The U12B competitions are played for match points and a final series.


Innings: Under 12B One Day Matches – maximum 30 overs per team, 85 minutes batting time or until ten wickets are lost per team.

Under 12B Two Day Matches – maximum 44 overs per team, 85 minutes batting time per day or until ten wickets are lost per team.


Players per team: Under 12B teams consist of 11 players although up to 14 players may rotate through the team.

To Register:

Registrations are open for the 2023/24 Season. To register, click the following link:

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