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The Camberwell Cricket Club was founded in 1864, with the patrons of the “Camberwell Inn” forming together to create a team, which competed in commercially sponsored competitions. Camberwell was forced to withdraw from the first District/Sub-District season until 1909 because of delays in getting turf up on the Camberwell Sports Ground and played in the Reporter District competition those years.


The Club took its place in the Sub-District competition in 1909/10 season after the implementation of a turf wicket, and had its first success after re-entering the competition after the war in 1920/21.

Camberwell was home to Laurie Nash (former Test cricketer and VFL footballer) and Lindsay Kline (who played one season at the Club before moving to Melbourne and later playing Test cricket for Australia). The club started up a junior side which it entered into the Eastern Suburbs Cricket Association (now the Eastern Cricket Association) in 1963/64. By the final year of the Camberwell Cricket Club, it was fielding 11 junior teams.

Club legends include John Birch, Ken Munro (who held the games record with 400 games for the Camberwell Cricket Club) and Don Davenport. 

The Club under the leadership of Peter Warner sought to take the club towards playing at a higher level, and brought about the merger with Collingwood Cricket Club. The new club continued to enter sides in the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association until 1997/98. Camberwell Cricket Club won six premierships in both the 1st and 2nd XI competitions in the VSDCA (VSDCA Premiers & VSDCA Association Premiers).

First XI: 
BHRDCA Div. 2: 1908/09,
VSDCA Premiers: 1920/21, 1921/22, 1948/49, 1961/62
VSDCA Association Champions: 1982/83, 1985/86
VSDCA  Group Premiers: 1981/82, 1982/83, 1984/85, 1985/86
Second XI: 
Murray Smith Trophy: 1897/98,
VSDCA Premiers: 1926/27, 1929/30, 1959/60, 1962/63
VSDCA Association Champions: 1988/89, 1991/92
VSDCA Group Premiers: 1964/65, 1979/80, 1982/83, 1988/89, 1991/92, 1995/96
Third XI: 
1946/47, 1951/52, 1952/53, 1962/63, 1969/70, 1970/71, 1987/88, 1995/96 (8)
Fourth XI: 
1960/61, 1987/88, 1991/92, 1993/94 (4)
Fifth XI: 
1979/80, 1980/81, 1994/95 (3)


Ken Munro (C)

Bill Goodenough

Graeme Kelaart

Cecil Walsh

Bob Williams

Jack Maguire

Don Davenport

John Birch

Graeme F. Moss

Jack Seelenmeyer

Neil Williams

Robin Balfour (12th man)

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