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Two new Life Members join the club

A wonderful night at The Hawthorn Hotel as we celebrated the achievements of the playing group and volunteers in season 2022/23.

As well we also acknowledged two new life members in Anton Ponnamperuma and Ben Rowles

for thier playing careers at the Camberwell Magpies.

Anton has been an integral part of the Fourth XI and social fabric of the club, having played with and supported many young players coming into the magpies for the first time.

Ben's role as a leader has been on show in the last couple of years in the first XI but he has shown and lived that role long before the on field role. His committment to making Camberwell a better place will be felt for years to come and hopefully in early retirement due to work he won't be lost to the club.

Congratulations to the many award winners, espically Liam Fitzpatrick with multiple awards and the Stackpole Medal. We look forward to seeing the playing group strive to set higher standards and chase more team glory in season 2023/24

Our thanks to Helen Fitzpatrick and Mark Dwyer for organising the night and to our Sponsors for the continued support.

.Another two members join current life members in attendance.

Chris Thewlis, Anthony Hall, Will Walker, Kevin Prior, Mark Dwyer,

Anton Ponnamperuma, Peter Warner OAM, Ben Rowles & Simon Hill

David Francis family was in attendance to see him presented with the Vernon Wilcox trophy for services to the club.

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