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The Swoop Newsletter - Final Edition 2023/24

FAREWELL 2023/24


With another cricket season drawing to a close, I would like to take this chance to thank the entire CMCC community for another fantastic year!We saw our Co-Presidents succeed, the return of Around the World Night and the 4s lead the club by making finals. We saw many hundreds and 5 fa's and one of the greatest final ball run outs in cricket history.

To the club and committee, thankyou for allowing us to play the game we love. To the coaches, thankyou for your guidance and leadership and to the players, thankyou for your efforts to lead the club on field.

To our sponsors, thankyou for your financial backing of the club which enables us to build our facilities to a professional standard.Finally, to all our supporters, parents, guardians and friends of the club, thankyou for backing us every week, liking our social media posts and reading the newsletter.


Enjoy the offseason, enjoy your Saturdays and we look forward to returning next year bigger and better.


Go Pies!



FOURTH XI: The mighty 4s bowed out of season 2023/24 with a 114-run loss to Fitzroy Doncaster on the weekend. Led by skipper Bob Capstick, the boys elected to bowl on an overcast morning at McQueen Park, hoping to make early inroads against the top-placed Lions. That plan initially paid off, with Bob and Max Burn taking the opening two wickets inside 10 overs. However, as the clouds parted batting became easier, and FDCC established a partnership that totalled 112 for the third wicket. From 2/127, experienced quicks Capstick and Dan Walker did well to drag the momentum back, reducing the Lions to 8/198. Unfortunately, the momentum swung back Fitzroy Doncaster’s way towards the end of Day 1, with the Lions clawing their way to 262. Bob and Floods took four wickets each. Forced into a tricky batting period on Saturday evening, the Magpies openers both met their demise quickly, as well as Will Stamper and Tom Sheehan. Entering the second day with 240 runs to get and just six wickets in hand, it was always going to be a tall task for Camberwell to prevail. Capstick and Jarrett dug in to build a partnership, but both fell in quick succession to make the score 6/50. That then became 7/61, leaving Tom Mariadason and Floods to attempt a rescue act. The pair put on 75, with Tom hitting 50, but once they were dismissed it was curtains for our season.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the Fourth XI on making the top eight. Hopefully their taste of finals cricket fuels a successful campaign next summer!



And a massive thankyou to Josh Nevett who has provided you with these brilliant round recaps all year!

Welcome to Gravo's Q&A Corner brought to you by Bendigo Bank. That's right folks, this week we thought we'd flip the script and put the quiz master under the hammer. So without further ado, this week, Gravo sat down with a man who would happily leave a 3rd XI fielding innings an hour early to get as close to the stage as possible at a Harry Styles concert, that's right, it's Jack Di Stefano!


1. Tell us how you became a Camberwell Magpie?

Jack: Way back in 2016-17 I was coached by CMCCs own Chris "Killer" Bridle in the U16 Emus and during the winter school holidays of 2017 I got a call from Chris asking if I wanted to come and train during pre-season. So off I went down to Hawthorn Indoor wearing my ECA rep shorts to show everyone I was a serious player and 7 years later, I'm still chuggin along.


2. In batting order, best Camberwell Magpie 11 you’ve seen whilst at the club. You can only choose 11.

Jack: Bloody hell Gravo, I might not be allowed back if I miss anyone here! Ben Rowles - was a great role model for youngsters back in the day and went on to captain the clubChris Thewlis - 200 off 60 rocks says enough I reckon! Most pure ball striker I've ever seen and even better person! Liam Fitzpatrick - the big frittata just seems to get it done every year. When the goings tough Fitta is always there.

Simon Hill - the Don, the greatest ever Magpie and we even named the hill on Bowen St, "Simon", after him! (not really) Tom Rickarby - when i first got to the club it felt like Rickers made a hundred every week, serious player. Glen Parker (+)- a life member and most importantly was the apparel manager when I first arrived and believe it or not there were no dramas with ordering *cough buzz cough*.

Brendan Drew (C)- captain/coach, Ryder Medallist, Drewy did it all and was a truly brilliant player and coach.

Jack McNamara - the only player from the 2006 U19 World Cup team to not dominate internationally but he dominated for years at CSG and drove me to Geelong in my first year too, thanks for the lift! And great to see you down at 4ths training last week!

Andrew Fekete - borderline test cricketer, menace at Premier level, Fek was scary on his worst days, just ask Kingston!

Will Walker - 200 games of lethal left arm swing, life membership and more wickets, Bill is a no brainer. 

Edmund Robert Capstick - that's right, my man has been terrorising 4th XI bowling with his Jayde Herrick sweatband swingers for years and it's about time he got the credit he deserves.


3. There seems to be some witty dialogue in your QA sessions, with a particular focus on Bobbys earbuds and tight polo shirts. Is there a frustrated writer in you, and can you see yourself one day dropping the nutrition career and taking up this as a career in the future?

Jack: No frustration only admiration! When we are lucky enough to be in the presence of an 'Assistant Manager" at a mid tier accounting firm, we have to celebrate it every chance we get. At this stage I'm pretty happy with my choice to keep my soul from the corporate world and save lives everyday but the attraction of tight polo's, airpods and RMs might call to me one day!


4. What are your impressions of the club now compared to when you started?

Jack: When I first started we were coming off the back of a Club Championship, rolling in success and were one of the strongest clubs in the comp. Since then, there has been a natural decline but the past few years have been great building blocks to get us back on top like we were 7 years ago! I think particularly our off field presence has grown a lot since Pete took over and has opened up many new opportunities!


5. Finally, would be negligent if we didn’t ask you what you’re cooking if I dropped by your place for a feed?

Jack: You've heard a lot of average answers to this question, so here we go:

Entree - Arancini - just ask my girlfriend Ariana how good these arancini are! They essentially won her heart, the secret is to cook the risotto the day before and then crumb and cook the arancini the following day once the flavour has sunk in! And add a cheeky little blob of mozzarella to melt inside each ball when cooking! Delish

Main - Cotoletta + Greek Salad + CiabattaFor those non-Italians, cotoletta is what we call chicken or veal schnitzel. In this case I will opt for chicken accompanied by a classic greek salad with feta and olives, topped with my homemade ciabatta fresh from the oven with a spread of butter to mop up your plate.

Dessert - Carrot CakeTo finish, I would serve my famous carrot cake. The cream cheese frosting really does wonders. I make my carrot cake without nuts as I think the crunch ruins the smooth cake texture.

Bon Appetito!


That does it for this year in Q&A Corner! Thankyou to all of my guests (except Shieldsy, your answers were tragic) and see you next year for more fun! Take care!

The Toyota Good For Cricket Raffle is back for another year! Tickets cost $5 each and can be purchased via the link below. The club receive's 100% of the proceeds and you go into the draw to win some amazing prizes, including 3 new Toyota's! Now that's Good for Cricket!

The Camberwell Magpies are proudly supported by:

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