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The Swoop Newsletter - Round 8/9/10 2023/24

Unfortunately, all grades were again washed out on Saturday so, lets look towards this Saturday, the final weekend of fixtures pre-Christmas.

This weekend sees the return of T20 cricket to all grades. Saturday will be made up of 3 rounds with each team playing 2 games and also having a bye. Each team remains at the same ground for the entire day and plays the opposing 2 teams at that ground.


This format allows more games to be played, more teams to be versed and the re-incorporation of T20 cricket to premier cricket.


It looks to be an exciting weekend of play!

The Camberwell Magpies invite you to join us this Sunday December 17th from 2pm for Christmas Drinks at the newly renovated Auburn Hotel!

All are invited so bring some festive cheer!

We can't wait to see you there 🎅🏼🎄

Welcome to Jack's Q&A Corner brought to you by Bendigo Bank. This week, I sat down with 2nd XI captain, club jokester and top bloke, Akshay Kodoth!


1. Since you work for cricket vic, if I dial 1800 CRICKET will you answer?

AK: No, I don’t answer those calls. But if our readers have any concerns or require assistance linking their Cricket IDs, please contact 1800 CRICKET.


That's a shame I would love to hear your voice for all my PlayHQ enquiries.


2. You recently travelled to Japan, what was your favourite memory from the trip?

AK: Hard to pick one, but being able to work for the Japanese Cricket Board and understand how an ICC Associate Nation operates was an unreal experience, I also got plenty out of coaching the homegrown Japanese cricketers with 10-15 Japanese phrases- had to keep it simple!

Putting the nuffy cricketer aside for a bit, I really liked my time in Tokyo, the many trips on the bullet train and my quest to capture Pokémon manhole covers.


Look out world, Japan Cricket is up and coming! Plenty of Japanese floating aroud the club these days, a few "arigatougozaimasu" and "konichiwa's". I love pokemon too, managed to pick up a little plush Mew from the Pokemon Center in Fukuoka on my trip there in August. Those manholes are so cute and fun to find as well!


3. What's been the biggest challenge being 2nd XI captain so far this year?

AK: Biggest challenge- that dreadful weekend at Casey, it was a tough weekend for everyone.


Always ups and downs as captain but you are going strong sitting 4th, looking to go into Christmas with a couple of strong wins!


4. Have you written a list to Santa, and if so what's on top?

AK: Yes, I asked for a miniature F1 Drivers helmet, like one of those 1:5 scaled replica helmets.


I love F1 so here's some classic lines from recent years. Get in there Lewis. Simply lovely. Pieeerrrrrrrreeeeeee Gaslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Max Max Max Supermax. Those miniature helmets are sick, I'd definitely get a Danny Ric one but I feel like you could be a Charles Leclerc kinda guy. Or maybe Carlos Sainz, smooooth operator.....


5. If I come over for dinner, what are you cooking for me?

AK: I’ll make Katsu curry with some popcorn chicken and sticky rice.


Love me some katsu curry, especially in Japan! This sounds delicious and the popcorn chicken to top it off mmmhhhhmmmm, making me hungry!


Thankyou to Akshay for playing! Who will be next on Q&A Corner? Find out in next weeks newsletter.......

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