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The Swoop Newsletter - Round 17.5 Edition 2023/24

FIRST XI: A cracking maiden ton from Tom Scott, accompanied by Mr Consistent Fitzpatrick's half century, set the 1s up for a great chance to take the points this weekend at McQueen Park! Can't wait to see a refreshed bowling cartel unleash on Saturday!


SECOND XI: A tough day to bowl but a valiant display from Hamish Burrill and Will Troy led the way to bowl Northcote out for a chaseable 284. A great opportunity awaits the batsmen on a flat Bill Lawry wicket.


THIRD XI: Skipper Tom Vanderslik led the way again in the 3s, taking his first 5 fa for the season! Accompanied by his spinning partner Sam Olsen, the 3s also have a big chase on their hands this weekend!


FOURTH XI: The 4s were also led by spinners Luke Prior and Tom Mariadason as they bowled Northcote out for 239. A quick fire start from Tom Donaldson has the 4s set up for a great chance to snag some points!

CMCC Ball 2024


Join us on Saturday 24th February at the Hawthorn Hotel for our annual ball.

Dress - Jacket & Tie


Single Ticket - $125

Couples Ticket $240

Each ticket includes:

  • 2 course meal

  • 2hrs of selected beer, wine and soft drink

  • 1x CMCC raffle ticket


As part of the night, we will be running a raffle with each ticket including 1x raffle ticket. The raffle prizes are:

First Prize - $1000 cash

Second Prize - $500 cash


If you would like to purchase raffle tickets individually, this can be done via the link below, the cost of a single raffle ticket is $30.


Please direct any queries to Mark Graven (, Reuben Jamieson (0490 962 763) or Indy Wickes (


To purchase your ticket to the CMCC Ball 2024 click the link below


The Ladies Day will take place at the start of the 2024-25 season so get your ladies ready for a ripping start to the season! Stay tuned for more info later in the year!

With Valentines Day just around the corner, now is the time to order your special someone a treat from the Camberwell Cheesecake Shop!

Welcome to Jack's Q&A Corner brought to you by Bendigo Bank. This week, I sat down with a man never afraid to give us his opinion (even though it's often wrong), one of the clubs young guns, a man who is very generous with his wallet and self titled "hardest worker at the club", it's Jack Lyndon!


1. Is there anything you aren't an expert on?

Jack: Definitely, there’s plenty of areas I’m yet to dive into, I’d say osteopathy is probably the one I’m furthest from ever being an expert in as Kieran always kindly reminds me whenever I suggest adding a new stretch to the warm up.


Firstly its spelt, Kieren and yes I think a bachelor's degree along with studying a masters is probably enough for Kieren to know which stretches are beneficial to performance. But maybe a degree in warm ups is your calling...


2. What was the coolest part of playing U19s for Vic Metro?

Jack: That’s a tough one, I’d say probably the challenge of playing against some of the best players your age in the country was something I found really cool, and playing in a semi final against a pretty strong QLD side.


Yeh it's pretty nice to be able to say you played with or against players who go on to represent the state or country. Would've thought the street cred would be pretty high too, you can now introduce yourself as Jack Lyndon, Victorian cricketer.


3. You've been known to have some interesting food choices, how do you think a 4 bean mix (your usual cricket lunch) would go on your chicken parma (schnitzel only, no sauce, salad or bacon) order?

Jack: Haha well can’t say I’ve ever tried that before (despite what bill might think), but I’d have to imagine the best cricket snack + best pub meal would have to go pretty well together.


I'm kinda worried if you think a plain bit of chicken and beans would taste good but sure! My expectations are pretty low for question 5. I guess this is what you get paying thousands of dollars a year to attend a private school in Melbourne these days. All that money and Lyndo still refuses to pay his fines.


4. How many jumping jacks does it take jack to jump Jack's like a jumping jack?

Jack: I do love my jumps before I begin an over (unlike my captain as the over rate always falls behind when I bowl). I’d say a good 1-2 jumping jacks is enough every over.


Gotta be careful, too many jumping jacks for jack can leave jack too jacked for when he needs to jumping jack at the crease to release some jack thunderbolts! And over rates are important too :)


5. If I come over for dinner, what are you cooking for me?

Jack: Like you mentioned before I love to get inventive in the kitchen, but I’d say probably my famous honey soy chicken, with rice and veggies (all done in the trusty air fryer of course). Maybe ‘space lime’ zooper dooper for dessert!


Not sure what makes opening a packet of honey soy chicken red rock deli chips "famous" and then pairing it with air fried veggies and rice. I guess whatever floats ya boat. And the fact you know the zooper dooper flavour names is an amber flag. This dinner makes Jim's spag bol look like a Matty Mathieson masterpiece.


Thankyou to Jack for playing! Who will be next on Q&A Corner? Find out in next weeks newsletter.......

The Toyota Good For Cricket Raffle is back for another year! Tickets cost $5 each and can be purchased via the link below. The club receive's 100% of the proceeds and you go into the draw to win some amazing prizes, including 3 new Toyota's! Now that's Good for Cricket!

The Camberwell Magpies are proudly supported by:

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