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President Pete receives OAM gong

Congratulations to our very own President Peter Warner, who has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).

Peter was awarded the accolade in the Governor General's Australia Day honours list for his outstanding service and contribution to the community.

Peter's association with community sport extends beyond 60 years, where over the trip he has filled just about every role imaginable. He began his journey as a player with the Camberwell Cricket Club in the 1959/60 season, where he went on to have a 25-year career in Camberwell's senior elevens before retiring in 1984/1985.

Long before Pete hung up the whites, he had already held a number of key off field roles ranging from becoming a club committee member in 1965/66, to delegate to the ESCA and all the way up to becoming the president for two stints from 1982/83 to 1984/85 and again from 1994/95 to 1995/96.

After playing a major part in the merger of the Camberwell and Collingwood Cricket Clubs in 1996/97, Pete continued to have a highly influential role in the newly merged entity. After beginning as Vice President in the first season, he became President from 1997-2002, and as we all know has taken on the role again this season.

His commitment to cricket extends beyond Camberwell, having been a member of the Cricket Victoria board from 1999/2000 to 2011/12. Within that time on the CV board, he was the Treasurer from 1999/2000 to 2006/07 and then assumed the role of CV representative to Cricket Australia from 2007/08 - 2011/12.

Given the sheer amount of time and effort Peter has given to cricket, it's perhaps no surprise that he is a life member of both the Camberwell and Camberwell Magpies Cricket Clubs, as well as Cricket Victoria and the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association.

Peter's outstanding service to community sport also extends to the winter code, where he has been a member of the Old Scotch Football Club since 1994 and has held the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and club sponsor.

On behalf of the Camberwell Magpies family, we extend our warmest congratulations to Peter and his family on this much deserved accolade. People like Peter are what makes community sporting clubs so great, and we are so privileged to have had Peter around our club for as long as we have.

Congratulations Pete - the Camberwell Magpies family is extremely proud of your achievement!


Peter Warner - Order of Australia Medal Recipient

Cricket Victoria

  • Board Member, 1999/2000-2011/2012.

  • Treasurer, 1999/2000-2006/2007.

  • Cricket Victoria Representative to Cricket Australia, 2007/2008-2011/2012.

Camberwell Cricket Club

  • President, 1982/83-1984/85, 1994/95-1995/96

  • Vice President, 1974/75-1980-1981, 1990/1991-1992/93

  • Secretary, 1969/70-1970/71

  • Committee Member, 1961/62, 1965/1966-1972/1973

  • Patron, 1985/86-1995/1996

  • Player, Senior XI's 1959/60-1984/1985

  • Delegate to VSDCA, 1993/1994-1995/1996

  • Delegate to ESCA, 1966/1967-1974/1975

  • Recipient Vernon Wilcox Trophy for Outstanding Service to the Club - 1970, 1996

Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club

  • President, 1997-2002, 2020/2021-

  • Vice-President, 1996/1997, 2003-2005.

  • Club Representative to Cricket Victoria, 1996/1997-2007/2009.

  • Committee Member, since 1965/1966.

  • Recipient, Vernon Wilcox Trophy for Outstanding service to the Club, 1998.

Old Scotch Football Club

  • President, 2016.

  • Co-President, 2015.

  • Treasurer, 2014.

  • Club Sponsor, since 2000.

  • Member, since 1994.

  • Vice-President, 1994.

Awards and recognition include:

  • Life Member, Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association, 2018.

  • Life Member, Cricket Victoria, 2012.

  • Life Member, Camberwell Cricket Club, 1973/74.

  • Life Member, Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club 1997

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