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First Camberwell Magpies Under 18 Female Premier Competition Squad Named

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club is proud to announce the first ever female U18 Squad for 2021-22 Anne Gordon Cup Tier 2 Competition.

We have entered a team in the limited Girls Under 18 Competition this year with 2 matches against Frankston Peninsula commencing this Tuesday 20/1 at Frankston ( J Cockburn Oval ) and then Thursday 20/1 at Watson Park, both starting at 11.00 am. Our best wishes girls in this our 1st undertaking at this level.

The Club’s thanks to Vice President Garran Duncan who has done a mighty job in firstly instigating this concept and then pulling the team together. A great effort Garran.

  • Minnie O’Sullivan (Burwood Cricket Club)

  • Heidi Pearce (Burwood Cricket Club)

  • Sarah Enzinger (Burwood Cricket Club)

  • Georgie Gough (Burwood Cricket Club)

  • Jess Volk (Heatherdale Cricket Club)

  • Phoebe Bullock (Richmond Union Cricket Club)

  • Eliza O’Neil (Trinity Willison Cricket Club)

  • Harini Piduguralla (Heatherdale Cricket Club)

  • Ella Oliver (Parkdale Cricket Club)

  • Gemma McKay (Parkdale Cricket Club)

  • Emma Allen (Parkdale Cricket Club)

  • Lucinda Reeh (Burwood Cricket Club)

  • Coach - Rick Cullinan

  • Team Manager - Carol Pearce

More information is in a link to a story from the Cricket Victoria website.

Our thanks to Garran Duncans company Protiviti for sponsoring the team.



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