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The Swoop Newsletter - Round 7 2023/24

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A wet Saturday meant all games in all grades were washed out. A nice rest heading into the final two weekends prior to the Christmas break. A one dayer awaits on Saturday against the Cats followed by the return of T20 cricket for all grades on Dec 16th.

PLAYER ANNOUNCEMENT A massive congratulations to Kevin Prior, life member of the club, who this week achieved the incredible feat of passing his driving test and gaining his probationary license. Kevin has been working extremely hard for the past 12 years or so to get to this point and we are so proud that you have achieved your dream. Kevin, its a testament to your resilience and dedication to the task at hand that has allowed you to succeed over such a long period of time. I speak for most when I say that not many thought we'd see this day but well done and stay safe out there. #redp's #kev #lookout


The Camberwell Magpies invite you to join us on Sunday December 17th from 2pm for Christmas Drinks at the newly renovated Auburn Hotel! All are invited so bring some festive cheer! We can't wait to see you there 🎅🏼🎄 #christmas #hohoho #auburnhotel

SAVE THE DATE The Biggin Scott Boroondara CMCC Golf Day 2024 will be held on Friday March 8th at the beautiful Green Acres Golf Club in Kew! Get excited for a day of fores, bunkers and occasionally a green or a drink! More information to come...


Welcome to Jack's Q&A Corner brought to you by Bendigo Bank. This week, I sat down with another of the clubs quiet achievers. He might not be a household name but he's one of the more respected people at the club and the current holder of the retro shirt for trainer of the week, it's Max "Monty" Burn! 1. Do you think there's any resemblance in appearance or character between yourself and C. Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons? Max: I hope there’s no resemblance as he is a cold and nasty guy although I wouldn’t mind some of his money. AAAyeeesssssss that money would be real nice but it ain't no Mr Plow money thats for sure. Don't forget "Call Mr Plow, that's my name. That name again is Mr Plow". 2. Did you buy a Jeep just so you could say "I bought a Jeep" like the ad? Max: That catch phrase is quite iconic and it definitely swayed my decision to purchase it. We're going to need a bigger boat! 3. You're currently leading the wickets in the 4s, what's been your secret to success so far this season? Max: I try to keep my bowling pretty simple, so just try to challenge the stumps as much as possible and hope they miss it. Following the KISS approach (keep it simple stupid) cause I, wanna rock and roll all night., after Monty takes a big bag of wickets! 4. There are rumours floating around that Bob is a bit of a captain grumpy on field, given you've played a lot with him, what do you think? Max: I have played a lot of games under Bob now and don’t want to say anything that gets me in trouble with the “supreme leader”. Ahhh he is a good, noble and honourable citizen of Emperor Supreme Leader of the 4th XI Lord Edmund Robert's regime for winning cricket. Very well spoken young man! 5. What's the best and worst part of being a sparky? Max: The worst part is definitely crawling under the floor. The best part is working outside when it is a nice sunny day. Hope you put plenty of sunscreen on when your outside Mont, but if you're ever in need, our spag bol specialist Jimbo Wiseman has about 37 bottles available for rent. 6. Being one of the few recent junior CMCC players who graduated to the seniors, do you think we should name the clubs pathway program after yourself? Max: It would be a great honour if it was to happen, but I don’t think I’m the best candidate for it as there have been a few talented players come through the juniors. The 'Burns Program' does sound a bit like a hospital rehab ward rather than a junior development pathway but we can always workshop the name. 7. If I come over for dinner, what are you cooking for me? Max: I would probably cook you a red Thai curry. Probably not as good as Bills as I can’t make my own curry paste. Look, nothing can be as bad as Jim's 'spag bol' so if it even resembles a red thai curry I'll take it. But I feel like the sparkling fingers of Monty the Electrician would work some magic in the kitchen. Thankyou to Max for playing! Who will be next on Q&A Corner? Find out in next weeks newsletter.......


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The Toyota Good For Cricket Raffle is back for another year! Tickets cost $5 each and can be purchased via the link below. The club receive's 100% of the proceeds and you go into the draw to win some amazing prizes, including 3 new Toyota's! Now that's Good for Cricket!

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