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The main problems of translation

Today, when translating text from any language seems like the simplest task, thanks to the emergence of online machine translators, you should not worry about this task. But in specialized universities they require literary translation, which, unfortunately, the machine has not yet learned how to do says write my paper writers. Then there are difficulties that are not so easy to deal with if you do not know all the subtleties of the language. Desired meaning of the word Like Russian, English has multiple meanings. When translating a text, it is necessary to look not only at the words themselves, but also at the context, prepositions and articles that stand side by side, so as not to make a mistake in the meaning. for instancenails - nails and nails; bark - bark (bark) and bark; bolt - bolt and lightning flash; novel - novel and new, unusual; draft - draft and draft, etc.And the English language has many such lexical units that confuse the translator. Therefore, you should carefully consider all the components of the proposal. Verbs As everyone knows, the English language has no endings, so everything depends on articles, prepositions and postpositions, which form the correct form of the word. The same verb can take on completely different meanings when additional units are added. for instanceto look - look; to look for - look for something; to look after - take care of someone.When translating, it is worth paying attention to them, and not relying only on the verb itself. Descriptive translation Many foreign languages ​​have words that cannot be translated unambiguously into Russian. In this case, a descriptive translation is used to convey the main meaning of the lexeme. for instanceIn English there is a word earworm , which literally means earworm . However, in the native language it has a different meaning: earworm is a melody stuck in the head .Therefore, when translating unfamiliar words, it is necessary to use alternative words so as not to make a mistake. Translation to order from English into Russian from experts. Place an order soon! Other images Each language has its own system of images, which is familiar to the native speaker from birth. However, when translating such idioms, it is difficult to convey the original meaning. Therefore, we have to look for alternatives. for instanceA bull in a china shop - (literally) a bull in a Chinese store, but it would be more correct to translate into Russian - an elephant in a china shop. When pigs fly - (literally) when the pigs fly, but it would be more correct to translate into Russian - after a rain on Thursday.The tried to talk about some of the difficulties that arise when translating from English into Russian. But all this comes with practice and observation. Therefore, the more you translate texts, the better you will perceive the language features and alter them in the right way.

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