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What Does "Fake Dissertation" Mean?

According to the current regulations, every self-respecting scientist or applicant must write a dissertation or scientific work and defend it. Those who are engaged in activities understand how difficult it can be to carry out research, record the results obtained and, in an understandable, but at the same time scientific language, put it on paper.

First, the Discouncil conducts a preliminary assessment of the scientific work and decides on admission or refusal of admission to the defense. Already at this stage, experts determine the quality of the dissertation, evaluate it, check it for compliance with established requirements, etc.

After defending the research, the Discussion Council forms an attestation file and, together with the project, sends it to the Higher Attestation Commission, where the Academic Council will conduct a total check of the material, the work of the Discussion Council, the applicant’s speech and make the final decision on awarding / refusing to award an academic degree.

Signs of Qualitative Research

At the preliminary meeting, the Discouncil does not always manage to establish the real quality of the dissertation. Often, young applicants neglect the requirements for writing it and give out a “fake dissertation” for their work.

A fake thesis should be understood as a scientific research with obvious violations of the current guidelines and the rights of third parties. Most often, such projects are born due to the laziness and negligence of the applicant, who does not want to bother in search of irrefutable evidence of the analysis of the situation, etc.

How and why are fake dissertations born?

Fake dissertations are not uncommon these days. About 15% of scientific papers after the defense are recognized as unreliable and unfounded, false. The most common causes of fake dissertations are:

  • Lack of time to perform scientific work, the squeak of information sources, systematization of data, design, etc .;

  • Lack of desire to write a paper independently organize research and analyze the results;

  • Banal laziness of a graduate student or applicant;

  • Lack of a reliable evidence base, trusted sources of information;

  • Etc.

Fake dissertations arise in a variety of ways. In one case, the author was unable to collect the necessary data and decided not to bother. He simply falsified the data in the direction he needed (took the data from the ceiling), conducted an analysis and provided the results for the truth.

The appearance of inaccurate dissertations

In another situation, the researcher could not "warm up" the required volume and simply decided to "inflate" the dissertation with the help of his own imagination.

Sometimes applicants abuse other people's work, believing that copying finished materials will not affect the quality of the work. All borrowed fragments should be reflected in the form of citations, footnotes, references, bibliography. If at least one copied fragment was not reflected properly, then it will be considered plagiarism. A fake dissertation can also occur if the dissertation author used unverified, irrelevant and unsubstantiated data in his work.

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