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Don't shoot video until you see eyes open

In movies on the big screen we are usually mesmerized by big panoramic shots. The enchanting Old West, where cactuses grow and cowboys roam, or outer space, with all those stars and planets we seem to fly past in a vacuum. Especially cool when this video can be added to Transcriberry service and naturally subtitles are made with elementary transcription, and it all looks great in IMAX, more or less - on 130-cm plasma screens and as small incomprehensible trash - on smartphone screens. Remember: it's best to shoot panoramas for no more than a couple of seconds. Because even in a big movie, it's not those shots that are preferred, it's live people. Half of the communication between people is what they say (speech focus, mouth focus), and the other half is what they see (eye focus). If you don't take your eyes off, you don't understand half the meaning of what's being said. Imagine a lawyer-freak who declares in front of an audience that his client is not guilty, even though his running eyes say otherwise. Or the drama in which she says, "Yes, of course, EXPRESS WRITER 22 I love you," but both you and he know perfectly well that this is not true - and again it's all in the eyes. That's why TV and online video are the main components for quality conversion of their content into tcht documents using they are also the "purveyors" of close-ups. The barely perceptible facial expressions that make up half of human communication will be hopelessly lost if you and your camera are standing too far away. Your video will improve by 200 percent if you get close enough to the person you're filming - so close that you can see the whites of their eyes.3. Make one scene last no longer than 10 seconds When you've watched great videos, movies or stories on TV, you've probably noticed that, with few exceptions, the same scene is never filmed longer than 10 seconds. Most scenes are much shorter. This technique is part of the modern film language. By shooting shorter shots, you make your video more interesting. Next time you're filming a match in which your daughter is playing, instead of turning on the camera and nonstop filming everything, try this She scores a great goal trick: Shoot the crowd Your daughter before the referee throws the ball for a couple of seconds. Next shot: Parents on the sidelines watching the match. Next shot: Football game in multiple frames 12 EASY WAYS TO MAKE YOUR VIDEO BETTER 23 parents watching the match, then "Stop". The team taking the field, followed by "Stop." Your daughter when the referee throws the ball, then - "Stop". Your girl is in the game, then - "Stop". Repeat that for 20 frames in a row. Twenty years from now, at her wedding, when you decide to show this sweet homemade video, three minutes of these trnascribable short frames will significantly improve the mood and give reason to remember the past, and not bring hopeless melancholy, as it would be if you would shoot this video. RELATED RESOURCES: Improve your SEO using professional captions or transcripts

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