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The Swoop Newsletter - Round 4.5 2023/24

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First XI: Well played to Tom Scott and Swapnil Challa who lead the way but we would have liked a few more runs, finishing all out for 220. Our bowlers will look to get us home in what looks to be a tight contest! Second XI: An outstanding bowling performance early from Kieran Jamieson and Alex Ridley were backed up by our spinners Kevin Prior and Coby Fitzsimmons to bowl out Greenvale for 195. Our batters will look to captilise on another good McQueen Park wicket this week! Third XI: It was runs galore in for the 3s with Adit 'Maxi' Pawha going big with 155 and Will Mazza falling agonizingly short of his first club ton. A great chance awaits our bowlers to bring home our first win for the season in third grade! Fourth XI: A monster innings from Ben Tricarico and followed suit by debutant Anagh Wadhwa, led the 4s to a strong total of 285. Another good chance for the 4s bowling attack to bring home the points!

Let's take this chance to recognise two massive hundreds! Congratulations to Adit Pawha and Ben Tricarico who both went big on day 1 against Greenvale! Awesome stuff lads and here's to many more runs this season!

The Toyota Good For Cricket Raffle is back for another year! Tickets cost $5 each and can be purchased via the link below. The club receive's 100% of the proceeds and you go into the draw to win some amazing prizes, including 3 new Toyota's! Now that's Good for Cricket!

Welcome to Jack's Q&A Corner brought to you by Bendigo Bank. This week, I sat down with one of the more underappreciated members of the club, our 2nd XI scorer and club statistician, Cody Shipp! 1. How did you first get involved with the club and find your passion for scoring? Cody: Peter Warner gave me a call out of the blue to see if I wanted to be the 2nd XI scorer. Thought it might've been a one off, but realised it was a full season. Very glad it was though! I really enjoyed scoring when I used to play in the juniors, had to do something to occupy the time waiting for my turn to bat. It was also a good way of getting out of doing square leg umpiring, don’t want to be doing that in the +35C Mallee heat. I think a few of us wouldn't mind the scorers box on a 35C day too! It had a been a long time since the club had a 2nd XI scorer (shoutout to Meg) so we are very grateful to have you on board! 2. Do you have a go to conversation starter in the scorers box? Cody: There’s some classic lines like ‘how did you guys go last week’ or ‘how’s the season been’. Usually the other scorer loves a chat, so I’ll let them dictate the conversation. Oh there's definitely some interesting cats (in the hats?) roaming around premier cricket scorers boxes, so the classics are a life saver if you don't want to end up talking about green eggs and ham! 3. Like our supreme 4th XI captain Lord Edmund Robert, you also grew up in and around Kerang. What is one thing you miss from home? Cody: You definitely miss family and friends, but Kerang’s weather is just so much better than Melbourne’s. Insane that it’s still overcast and cold here in mid-November. Yes as Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home"! Unfortunately we don't have a Good Witch named Glinda to fix the inconsistent weather down here. 4. What is your favourite ground to score at or your most memorable scoring moment so far? Cody: Outside of the Magpie nest of course, The Albert was really cool, seeing all the history of the MCC. Made the day even better with the 2nds putting on a big score and getting the win. Always good to get over the Dee's. Some would say we have 'bad blood' and yes The Albert is from any cricketers 'wildest dreams', but there's something about the 'style' of the Magpie box that makes you want to 'shake it off' and feel 'you are in love' with the 'blank space' of grassland in front of you. All you Taylor Swift fans will appreciate that but if not go listen to 1989 (Taylors Version), you won't regret it! 5. Who is your current favourite NBA player and who's your tip for the Larry O'Brien Trophy this season? Cody: I’m an Orlando Magic fan, so my favourite player would be Paolo Banchero. Otherwise, Steph Curry is just unreal to watch! I’ve got the Denver Nuggets to go back-to-back, Nikola Jokic has been so good and will get them another championship. Paolo is a star but no amount of expecto patronums could out shoot Steph! And yes the Joker has looked unstoppable but he hasn't come up against our Batman (Griff McComb) and Riddler (Alex Ridley) yet! 6. If I come over for dinner, what are you cooking for me? Cody: I’d put together some chicken parmas (definitely not comparable to the pub kind), chuck a bit of salad on the side and cook up some chips. Controversial of you to use parma over parmi but I don't want to gaslight anyone. You might have to give Australian Venue Co a call and let them in on the Shippy secret! Love the salad, as if done right, it's definitely the best part of the dish (not to gaslight again) and the chips should definitely live under the parma too (I'm going too far aren't I?). Thankyou to Cody for playing! Who will be next on Q&A Corner? Find out in next weeks newsletter.......

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